About Marigold Creek

History of Marigold Creek

Marigold Creek was once found by Sir Francis Chocolate. He encountered the hidden place in May 1815, while he was looking for some blueberries.

Francis Chocolate, an ancestor of Frasier Chocolate (known as Hans Löffel), was impressed by the beautiful flora and the huge waterfall, which flows into a large lake. 

After he returned into his home town he told his wife about the place. They packed there belongings and moved two days after Francis' discovery deep into the forest.

Mary, Francis' wife, named the place after the huge amount of marigolds and the chrystal clear river, which ran beside their new home - Marigold Creek. 

Although some people had known about the new village, just a few settlers followed Francis and his family. One of them was William Buttercup.

Today more and more villagers are moving to Marigold Creek, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and the healthy nature. 

Buildings of Marigold Creek 

Here you will find all houses and shops of Marigold Creek.
And to get a better impression, where they're all located - here's a map of Marigold Creek and it's actual buildings.


The Löffel's home

I built this house by myself, using thin wood plates. It is the first house I've ever made and the home of my first Sylvanian family: The Löffel/Chocolate Rabbit family. 

The childrens room

The adults sleeping room

The bathroom 

The kitchen/living room

The McBurrow's home

The McBurrows were the third family I owned and I really love them. They look so special and always seem to smile.
I could have bought them a house or build a normal one, but I wanted to give them a more natural looking home. So I made their house out of paper mache.

The kitchen/living room 

The childrens room 

The adults sleeping room 

The Hawthorns home

Katie, Michael and their four children live in Highfield's barn, which I turned into a real home.

The sleeping room

The kitchen

The Petite's home  (Riverside Lodge)

The Petites live in Riverside Lodge, a small but cozy little home. Riverside Lodge was by the way my first Sylvanian house^.^.

The adults sleeping room

The childrens room

The kitchen

The livingroom

The Buttercups home (Bramble Cottage)

The Buttercups live in Bramble Cottage, a welcoming little farmhouse.

The adults sleeping room

The childrens room

The kitchen

The livingroom

Highfield farm (home of the Snow-Warrens)

The Snow-Warrens are a huge family, so they do also own a huge house. Together with Clarence parents they live in the cozy Highfield farm.

The grandparents room

The parents room

The children's room

The living room

The kitchen

Beechwood Hall (Home of the Bamboos and von Stachel family)

von Stachels home

Children's room

Living room

Parent's room

Bamboos home
Dining room

Parent's room

Children's room

NOTE: I will soon make some better photos, when the lighting will be better. 

The Brightfield's home

The Brightfields live in a little house I made from a dollhouse kit.
Although it's small, the family loves their cozy home, especially because it's directly in the nature.

The kitchen area

 The sleeping area for the adults

The dining area + the sleeping area for the little ones (the benches can be turned into cozy beds^.^)

Shops & Restaurants

The Hamburger Restaurant (owned by the Tuxedos)

The Hamburger Restaurant was the first building I received. Although I really like the building, I wasn't that happy about the inside. It looked so bare. After wallpapering and covering the tables and chairs, I'm much more pleased with the restaurant.

This restaurant is a special luxus Hamburger Restaurant, in which the owners serve just the best quality products. 

The restaurant from the outside

From the inside

A peek through the drive-in counter

The kitchen area

A view through the window

The Bakery (owned by the Löffel family)

The bakery is one of my favourite buildings, because I like the design very much.  I bought a used one and decorated it myself. The most objects (like the food) and furniture you see in here were not from the original set, but made by me. 

The house itself was build many years ago and is family-owned since more than three generations. Lately Hans and Flora Löffel, the current owners, renovated the bakery and reopened it.
The familie is very proud of their selfmade products. While Hans normally bakes the bread and the simpler cakes, his wife spends hours and effort in decorating beautiful birthday cakes or delicious cupcakes.

The bakery from the outside together with the little terrace, where the villagers can enjoy a piece of cake in the summer

The display window

The bakery from the inside

Another place to sit

Fresh bread

The oven with fresh baked prezels

The display counter, filled with all kinds of muffins, breads, buns and donuts

The Village Store (owned by the von Stachel family)

The Village Store is run by the von Stachel family and is one of the newest shops in the village.

They sell all kinds of delicious foods, which they get delivered from the best markets from whole Sylvania.

Fresh vegetables

Ice cream

Delicious fruits

The "adults section" ;)

Special bakery goods

The von Stachels also sell magazines. Beside those magazines they have some interior catalogues - customers can order their furniture directly in the shop.

The Photo Studio (owned by Cecil Maces)

The photo studio is owned by Cecil Maces, who has also a small flat under the roof of his shop. Cecil has recently won the special award "Best Wedding Photographer" - a prize, which he is very proud of. Since the studio opened it's doors all villagers visit it very often to get all the pictures, they need: passport photos, school and nurser photos, family photos and of course wedding photos.

The shop itself

The little flat

Petite Shoes (The Shoe Shop)

The shoe shop is owned by Margarete Petite, who always dreamed of opening her own business. You can get there just the best quality and for the little ones Margarete sells the famous soft baby shoes.

The Pharmacy 

The pharmacy is owned by Cassandra Maces. You will find all kinds of potions there, which will cure your health problems. But you can also get some magical onces, like love potions or the mysterious potion (Nobody knows what it can effect).

Other buildings 

Dental Surgery

The dental surgery is owned by Eustace Barrington and his wife Victoria Truffle. 

The waiting room

The reception

The sick room

The surgery


  1. Oh goodness, I adore your McBurrows' house! How on Earth did you make it? It's amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment! :) I used a kitchen bowl for the round shape :D

    2. I would love to make one but I am completely inexperienced in papier maché. Could you post a tutorial? It really is too beautiful for words ♥

  2. That's so so so amazing! Your village is just BEAUTIFUL! :D

    1. :) thank youuuu! I'm so glad you like it!

  3. I can just look and look and look and look and look, and never get tired! I love this page!!!! Good work. And I was truly bombed out about the Riverside lodge being your first SF house and then I thought you must have it wrong and realised, indeed that was your fist house!

    1. :D yes, I must day I was confused too about Riverside Lodge.
      I'm so glad you like the page! It took so long to do it.

  4. Love this new page, it's so much fun to look at your houses and extra bonus to spot all your creations:) I think the Mole house and Bakery are my favorite ones

    1. Aww, thank you! I'm so glad you like it! :)

  5. Awesome new page!!! I need to make a house for my moles, yours is just SO inspiring! :D And the bakery, is awesome, I think it might just look even better with all the homemade treats, as they are so realistic! Again great new edition to your sight, I like the filter, it makes everything look so colorful. :)))

    1. :* thank you soooo much for your lovely compliment!

  6. Wow, what a coincidence, my first ( and only ) proper house was the riverside lodge! In the UK it's called bluebell cottage:)

    1. :D that's really cool!
      Bluebell Cottage sounds very nice!

    2. Hi! This is Zoe, (iloverats) from the chat forum. Wow Kyraja! Your houses look so amazing!!! So do your shops and other buildings!!! You are so talented at decorating sylvanian houses! I would never know where to start. I have to try the moles house for the animals that live in the ground, even though I do not have the moles. I love your website and could look at it for hours on end! I am so sorry i never got to post any other comments before now! Truly amazing website and houses!

    3. Hi Zoe :). Thank you sooo much for your sweet compliments! I'm glad you like my blog.
      I would love to see your moles house :)

  7. What a pleasure to look at all your decorated houses and shops!You´re so good at crafting .I´m amazed at all the things you handmaded. Congratulations!!
    I didn´t have a very good day today but a visit to your blog helped to unwind from the real world and cheered me up. It´s good to have a Sylvanian world when the real world is not a nice place.

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